Turning and production of precise parts

We arrange production of wide range of turned parts from tenons, flanges to long shafts.

Production is performed on conventional machines for easier parts and piece production, whereas CNC turning machines and automats are used for more complicated parts and serial production; so required parameters of products are reached. Of course we also arrange precise grooves and grinding of turned parts, heat and surface treatments or measuring reports according to requirements of our customers. At this moment our turning department consists of one CNC turning machine MAS SP280-MC with driven tools and bar-feeder for serial production, two CNC turning machines MAS MT550 for bigger diameters and piece production. Last machine in conventional turning machine with digital measuring for the most easy parts. At the same time we are using turning capacities of our proved subcontractors. Competitive price both for piece and serial production is then provided by proper selection of optimal production technology.